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Brawl Stars Tips and Guide:

From the developers of Clash and Clans and Clash Royale, the latest game “Brawl Stars” has been launched on the Canadian App Store and is expected to go on Android Play Store soon. We assume, as you are reading this article, you are a gaming enthusiast and you are looking for its tips and tricks to enhance your Brawl Stars gaming experience.

For those who not know, Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer, action packed game that allows you to play it with your friends, family, your colleagues or any other you want. The gameplay revolves around the “Brawlers” that are the heroes of the game as they shoot or attack their enemy to win the game. The game is completely free with some in-app purchases, but you can disable the in-app purchasing option in your device’s settings.

So, wondering what features and game modes are offered in Brawl Stars? Grab your popcorn and sit back, we are going to give you a complete guide to the Brawl Stars in the article below.

Game Modes in Brawl Stars:

So, starting with the game modes of the Brawl Stars, which are 4 by count. You have these 4 amazing playing modes that will definitely enhance your gaming experience. You can find the players from your friends or family to play within your team for the added fun. There are a number of brawlers with different abilities and attacks to choose from to play these modes. The 4 gameplay modes of Brawl Stars include:

  1. Bounty Mode
  2. Heist Mode
  3. Showdown Mode
  4. Smash and Grab Mode

#1: Bounty Mode:

The first and the most interesting mode of Brawl Stars is the Bounty mode in which the two teams have to collect the stars from its opponents. And by the end of the game, the team having the most stars will win the game.

#2: Heist Mode:

The next game mode of the Brawl Star is described as Heist mode where you have to save yourself from the opponents in order to win the game. It is more of the “do or die” thing save or die! You have to save yourself from the opponents for a couple of minutes and that time will decide your fate.

#3: Showdown Mode:

The third gaming mode is the showdown mode in which the maximum of 10 players are put in the slowly shrinking battlefield. Your goal as a brawler will be to stand last in the arena to win the game.

#4: Smash and Grab:

The last fighting or playing mode is the Smash and Grab one in which your team has to collect all the 10 crystals from your opponents by fighting and killing them. You can punch them, blow them, in order to win. The team collecting all the 10 crystals from their opponents first will be the winning team.

In order to win the game, you have multiple brawlers to choose from possessing different capabilities. The coins you collect by winning will help you to upgrade and unlock different brawlers and make a band to win the battle against your opponents. There is also a regional and local leader boards that will help you to determine your position among all the Brawl Stars.

Features Offered in Brawl Stars:

So, after understanding the rowdy playing modes of the game, you will need to understand all the features offered in the game to master it. Here we are going to give you a brief list of all the things that will come along the Brawl Stars!

  1. Brawl Stars offer 3v3 real-time battles against the players all across the globe.
  2. With your virtual coins, elixir, and chips, you can unlock more brawlers with the amazing fighting capabilities and signature attacks.
  3. There are four different playing modes offered in the game to unlock and play, as mentioned in the above section.
  4. You can battle solo against your virtual opponents or with friends for the real-time fun.
  5. The local and regional leaderboard will help you to check where you stand among all the brawl stars, from all across the globe.
  6. There are a ton of customizing options sitting for you that will help you personalize your Brawlers with unlockable skins.

Tips and Tricks For Brawl Stars:

In order to make you the best brawler you can be, we have rounded up some tips and tricks exclusively for you. Check them out and thank us later!

  1. While in the Smash and Grab gaming mode, use the obstacles to your advantage. The reason behind the fact is that there are a number of characters playing in your opponents that cannot fire through the obstacles. So that can help you in a critical
  2. The brawler having the most crystals in the smash and grab mode should be protected the most. When your team is close to winning, you need to protect the teammate having the most crystals. So at that moment, throw yourself at the enemy and do as much damage as you can to ensure your win.
  3. Attack Poco the first because he is the only character in the game that can heal his allies so that they can stand against you. Killing him first will help you a lot.

Brawl Stars Apk Screenshots:


Brawl Star Trailer:


Now you can download Brawl Stars apk in any country but from IOS not from Andriod.

How to Install Brawl Stars on Android Phone:

As the Brawl Stars is not available for Android devices, you don’t need to wait for its release on Play Store. You can get the Brawl Stars Apk file online to play it on your Android device right now without any hassle. After downloading the APK file, you need to install it on your smartphone and extract it from the ZIP file in any folder of your phone’s memory. Cut and paste the extracted file to INTERNAL MEMORY > ANDROID > OBB to enjoy Brawl Stars right away.

Note: Please don’t get fooled from the scam apk files for Brawl Stars available on some sites. We haven’t received any confirmation News of Brawl Stars Release Date. If there will be, we’ll definitely let you know.

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