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Windward v201706030 APK: Designed from the begin to be a totally procedural co-op sport, Windward can be played via yourself, however, it definitely comes alive when playing with buddies. start through generating a procedural global so one can be particular to you, layout your very own custom faction then sail ahead preventing pirates, trading with towns, doing quests or honestly exploring — it’s up to you how you need to play.

As you sail approximately you’ll discover resources you can employ, enhancements in your ship, new towns to be able to ask your assistance, and as you get farther out from the starting area — numerous pirates to be able to try and take what’s rightfully yours. fight experience will allow you to unlock new skills and skills to make that specific line of work simpler.

As you take up consignments with towns and satisfy their production shortages, the cities will develop, supplying greater quests, extra assets and better objects. as the cities continue to grow they’ll offer you a desire to upgrade your deliver itself. could you choose a quick Schooner to explore the sector or a heavy Galleon that’s able to soak up five consignments at once? Or perhaps a massive deliver of the line to take the combat with the pirates to their heartlands?

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 Windward- screenshot  Windward- screenshot

 Windward- screenshot  Windward- screenshot

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