AIDA64 Business Windows Software

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AIDA64 business Windows Software Download Free is the popular network control solution especially design for small and medium scale companies. it may be used for presenting system information, monitoring, diagnostic and benchmarks..

Now, you can download AIDA64 Business Windows Software Free from links given be

Now with this software, it is possible to carry out display diagnostics by means of considering various criteria, which includes

  • LCD
  • Brightness/contrast
  • Convergence Calibration checks
  • Take a look at machine stability via Stressing the CPU
  • FPU
  • Cache
  • Device memory
  • Nearby Disks
  • GPU

This application comes with 4 flavors

  • Severe
  • Engineer
  • Network Audit
  • business functions

The utility has a same clean interface with a neatly prepared window for all four merchandise and complete information about motherboard, gadgets, show, running, security, Configuration, storage, network and other sections of the computer.

AIDA64 Business application includes

  • Overclock Information
  • System Stability Tests
  • Monitor Diagnostics
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Disk Benchmarks
  • Sensor Logging and Alerting
  • Support for Logitech and Razer LCD
  • Graphical Remote Control
  • Remote User
  • Disk Health and Virus Database Monitoring
  • Automatic Remote Reporting
  • ACPI browser and DRAM timings.

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