Detox Procrastination Blocker 1.1 Unlocked Apk

Detox Procrastination Blocker 1.1 Unlocked Apk

Detox – procrastination blocker

Break loose from procrastination and distractions with a digital detox!

Like several everyday human being you’ve in all likelihood grappled sooner or later with a combination of procrastination/cellphone addiction. With smartphones creating a massive impact on society inside a previous couple of years matters have changed for higher and worse. Get entry to to whatever is at your fingertips, however this makes it difficult to concentrate from time to time. That’s why i advanced this app to help minimize procrastination and distractions, it’s a timer lock designed to prevent you from messing round to your smartphone needlessly. It is able to even be used as a way to present yourself a virtual detox.

Once you turn at the lock within the app, you received’t be able to use your telephone for a time frame – which you may pick. Plus, the timer continues going even if you reboot your smartphone, there’s no way out – no greater excuses!

It’s certainly clean to begin a digital detox, simply:

1. Launch the app.
2. Set a time to lock your display screen for.
Three. Hit the lock icon and verify.
Four. Examine away, with out procrastination and distractions.

Detox Procrastination Blocker Features:

1. An easy to use interface without pointless functions.
2. The timer stops you from the use of other apps and getting distracted(you can set up to 11 hours at no cost).
Three. You may view your timer use history at the history display.
Four. You may also see a calculation of the total time you’ve used the timer in the history screen for a motivation raise.

Detox Procrastination Blocker Screenshots:

   Detox Procrastination Blocker- screenshot     Detox Procrastination Blocker- screenshot     Detox Procrastination Blocker- screenshot

Now, you can download Detox Procrastination Blocker 1.1 Unlocked Apk

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How To Download Detox Procrastination Blocker 1.1 Unlocked Apk:

The download and introduce the methodology of this application is extremely straightforward, First download the predetermined application and afterwards duplicate the .apk record on your Mobile gadget and Launch File supervisor to peruse and introduce the application. You can likewise Visit the Website to find out about the engineer and organisation who made the application. We are here to give Genuine and Real .apk record which you can without much of a stretch download through apk mirrors like,,, Getty,,,,, and

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